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The Experiential Event Environment™

The Experiential Event Environment™, or what we call E³, involves immersing attendees into an environment that promotes their ability to learn and retain large amounts of information in a small amount of time. “We focus on captivating each attendee through neuroscience and sensory technology, content design, presenter coaching, and more. AVQuote ensures that your audience is focused and engaged throughout the event.” “Creating Extraordinary Experiences” isn’t a tagline…it’s our mantra!

ROI² (Retention of Information) & (Return on Investment)

We use Multisensory Choreography™ to orchestrate a delivery of numerous sensory influencers (olfactory, color, sound frequency) that trigger neurochemical reactions. This results in an enhanced ability to focus, process information, and encode learned material. Research studies have shown through ordinary delivery we retain up to 20% of information presented. Using our patented solutions we have increased that threshold exponentially.

There when you need us… actually BEFORE you need us

AVQuote is dedicated to creating the engaging learning environments that leave attendees with a lasting impression through our Experiential Event Environment™, or E3. We also create that same WOW experience for meeting planners. Our Project Managers stay with you through the entire event, reacting to changing needs and anticipating problems to safeguard the attendee experience.

We have built our strong reputation on four cornerstones that are the foundation of who we are

Honesty  Integrity  Reliability  Value

AVQuote vs. In-House AV Companies

There are many ways that AVQuote stands out from the competition. We offer a more engaging event for your guests, while providing you with the technology and support to increase your return on investment. You’ll see the difference in every detail of your event.

The Latest Technology

Many events are limited by the equipment that the hosting venue has in-house, which is often not the latest technology. We are constantly adapting, using the latest industry trends and technology to make your event one to remember.

Upfront Pricing

We believe that in order to be your trusted partner, we need to clearly communicate – especially when it comes to your cost. We are focused on your ROI, and one way we demonstrate that is through clear, upfront pricing.

Same WOW Experience at Every Venue

One challenge for meeting planners as you produce a conference in multiple locations, is having to work with multiple AV companies. When you work with AVQuote, you have one AV contract with the same personnel with you at every show. Imagine not having to worry about training new AV personnel at each location.
As we travel to each location we set up, take down, and transport everything we need, eliminating your equipment concerns. You get to focus on your guests and leave the details to us.
Find out why our Experiential Event Environment™ (E³) increases your retention of information AND Return on Investment (ROI²)

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  • Awards Ceremonies
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  • Conference Dinners & Receptions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Sporting Events
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  • Outdoor Events
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Charitable & Social Events


  • Experiential Design
  • Event Design & Production
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  • RFID Solutions
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Integration