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Meetings can all be different, but their basic goal is always the same: educate. At AVQuote, our team is made up of Meeting Planners, Event Producers, Hospitality Professionals and AV Experts.  We strive every day to partner with Meeting Professionals to create captivating events that are forever memorable – figuratively and literally. These meetings are something we call the Experiential Event Environment. We use state-of-the art techniques to engage attendee sensory systems which enhances the brain’s ability learn and retain information. Moreover, we utilize a variety of approaches to mobilize the emotional centers of the learner’s brain to inspire maximum engagement.

The Science Of Learning

Studies have shown that the retention of information rates for meetings supported only with hand-out material averages around 10%. With AV assistance, these percentages rise to approximately 20%. While this is an impressive increase, this number falls far below what would be considered desirable, causing attendees and those who are funding the meeting or event to frequently question if they are truly receiving a favorable return on their investment from their AV provider.

While attendees look forward to the entertainment and aesthetic values that AV brings to an event, neuroscience is proving that these event technologies can be engineered to enhance learning and improve the entire meeting experience. Over the last 20 years, scientists and researchers have made important discoveries on the impact of particular colors, sounds, and even scents on the neurological systems which support learning and memory retention. When these elements are delivered in the right way at the right time, they can essentially serve as “performance enhancers” for attendees, stimulating a release of certain neurochemicals which amplify the brain’s ability to focus, process information, and encode new learnings. Our AVQuote team are trained professionals who have a deep understanding of these neuroscientific principles, serving as “multi-sensory choreographers” as they create the ideal Experiential Event Environment through the design and delivery of a tailored approach that meets learning needs of the attendees.

The Art Of Engagement

Why is it that people can easily remember the most emotional moments of their life? They can remember vivid details of their wedding day, or the birth of a child, but can be sketchy about a mundane event from only a few days ago. It is apparent that people cannot separate their experiences from their emotions. Therefore, it is important to address emotion in learning, and to do it effectively. Put simply, the more emotionally arousing an experience is, the more likely it is to be remembered. Our team members are specialists at creating Experiential Event Environments by fusing the latest research on emotion and memory retention to captivate your audience.  We also take great pride in creating “WOW” moments that have your attendees talking about their experience long after they’ve gone home.

Creating Partnerships through Transparency

Meeting planning can be compared to putting together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Every piece must be in place or there won’t be a complete picture.  We eliminate the confusion around planning engaging events and help you create long lasting relationships with your guests. We want that same relationship with you.  Unclear billing and expectations stand in the way of forming meaningful partnerships.  Transparency and communication are the keys to our success: 

• Crystal clear billing with a full explanation of your cost 
• Honest communication free of technical jargon 
• Laser focus on partnering with you to create Win-Win opportunities 


Experiential Event Environment = Retention of Information AND Return on Investment

AVQuote moves away from being strictly providers of audio visual equipment and services, shifting our focus on delivering what we call the Experiential Event Environment (AKA E³). Our primary goals are to help our clients deliver their desired message in the most effective manner, as well as focus on the value of ROI. Our view of ROI is multifaceted, as we see it as the “Return on Investment” as well as “Retention of Information”. The viewpoint reflects not only the perspective of those funding the event, but that of the attendees themselves who aspire to learn and retain much more than the standard 20% from traditional AV supported meetings.

E³ promises to make a difference and stand out as a true differentiator from any other approach to AV assisted events. Our team of experts will remain dedicated to staying up to date on the latest in neurological and experiential research to provide you with events that increase engagement, retention and ROI. 

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